Recently, the new power plant with 23 sets 700kW natural gas engine generators in Libya has successfully completed commissioning and installation.This batch of natural gas engine generator sets will be put into use for local power supply.The 700kW gas engine generator has features of high
2024/05/15 10:33
In March 2024, 8 sets of 700kW gas engine generator sets completed factory acceptance and shipped to Ghana successfully. 700kW gas engine generator adopts Jichai 12V190 Engine and Domestic first-tier brands technology alternator. This generator set utilizes advanced control system, closed-loop
2024/03/26 09:27
On February 19, 2024, the first batch of complete equipment for the gas engine generator was successfully delivered and shipped. Jinan Jichai Huanneng Gas Generating Equipment Co., Ltd (JCHN) is actively investing in production, rushing to meet the schedule and preparing for shipment, putting
2024/02/20 15:34
The Advantages Of Natural Gas Engine Generator:1.State-of-the-art Technology2.Higher Energy Efficiency3.Sustainable High Performance4.Ease of Serviceability5.Longer Service Life6.Cleaner EmissionsThe cases of Natural Gas Engine Generator:1.25*700kW Natural Gas Generator Sets for Ceramic Factory in 
2024/01/10 10:17
In December, the first batch of 23 sets of 700KW gas engine generators which exported to Libya have completed the factory inspection and successfully loaded and shipped by Jinan Jichai Huanneng Gas Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd This batch of natural gas ngine generators will be put into use
2023/12/29 09:50
In November 2023, 13 sets 700kW gas engine generator for the Inner Mongolia project completed production, testing, painting, and factory inspection as scheduled, and were successfully loaded and delivered.
2023/11/29 14:14
In November, Jinan Jichai Huanneng Gas Generating Equipment Co., Ltd. actively responded to customer demands, worked overtime to complete the production progress of gas engine generator, completed customer orders with quality and quantity assurance, and 36 sets gas engine generator have ready for
2023/11/23 14:27
We have successfully delivered a cutting-edge 700kW gas engine generator to Nigeria. This gas engine generator have advantages of low pressure gas, high intelligence, low heat consumption,making it high efficient and cost-effective. The generator is also highly intelligent and has been engineered
2023/11/15 14:28
In order to meet the demands of our customers, our factory accelerates the production process to ensure that the gas engine generator delivered on time. In October 2022,we sent 10 sets of 500kw natural gas engine generator to Qingdao Port for shipment to Nigeria. Up to now, the power station in
2023/10/20 16:19
Nigeria Customers has ordered more than 30 sets of 600KW gensets for the phase 1&2. For phase 3, the power station owns 2 set 11kV high voltage genset and 6 set 400V low voltage genset.On Sep 15th, we have completed delivery successfully.
2023/06/20 16:39
 In June,the 14 sets of 1000kW natural gas generator sets has delivered in Nigeria. Our gas engine generators are designed for low pressure gas and boast high intelligence, low heat consumption, high reliability, low emissions, long life, and high-power performance.  Our gas engine generator sets
2023/06/20 16:36
With the encouragement and support of the Nigerian federal and state governments, Chinese enterprises have launched the Nigerian China Commodity Exhibition. Our company actively participates in the exhibition, implementing offline product displays, on-site professional explanations, and timely
2023/06/20 16:34