500kW Diesel Generator Set

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Product Details

1、Specification Description:

This diesel generator set is an emergency power source for particularly important loads and should meet the following operating conditions: under normal circumstances, the diesel generator set should always be in a ready to start state and have the ability to carry 100% load within 15 seconds. There should be interlocking devices between the unit and the power system to prevent parallel operation; The interval between fault free operation of the unit shall not be less than 1000 hours.

2、System Configuration:

1.Air system turbocharger, intercooler, air filter, protective indicator, etc

2. Starting system electric motor, battery, battery charger

3. Efficient industrial muffler for exhaust system, flexible flexible connecting pipe

4. Cooling system circulating water pump, radiator, radiator bracket, and blower fan

5. Fuel system high-pressure fuel injection pump, hand pump, fuel transfer pump, inlet and outlet fuel transfer hose line, etc

6. The control system is equipped with an electronic instrument display system, which displays various main parameters

7. Lubrication system lubricating oil cooler, full flow lubricating oil filter, oil level height gauge

8. Vibration reduction method: Built in vibration reduction device

9. The AC generator is a three-phase four wire, 480V, 60Hz, Y-shaped connection, 4-pole, AVR automatic voltage regulator, rotating brushless, and can withstand 300% short circuit current for 10 seconds

10. Protection system for high water temperature, low oil pressure, automatic overspeed alarm and shutdown, etc


Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter Of 500KW Diesel Generator Set

Generator ModelJCHN-500GF

Steady state voltage adjustment rate%):≤±1

Rated power500KW

Voltage fluctuation rate%):≤±0.49

Rated power factorCOSΦ=0.8lagging

Transient voltage adjustment rate%):+19~-15

Rated output voltage480V

Voltage stability times):≤1

Rated current710A

Steady state frequency regulation%):≤±1

Rated frequency60Hz

Frequency fluctuation rate%):≤±0.5

Rated speed1800rpm

Transient frequency adjustment rate%):+9.5~-7

Start control method: Electric

Frequency stability timeS):≤2


Weight4800 kg

Configuration Plan for 500KW Diesel Generator Set

Diesel generator



Rated power




Bore * strokemm)



Inline, water-cooled, four stroke

Air Intake method

Turbocharged intercooling

Combustion method

Direct injection combustion chamber

Total piston displacement (L)


Fuel consumption rate (g/kg/h)


Cooling method

Forced water cooling

Start method



Rated power


Rated current


Rated voltage






Power factor


Phase number

Three-phase four-wire

Protection Grade


After sales service

1. Our company's product warranty period is one year or 1000 hours of use (whichever comes first). During the warranty period,free training for operators and maintenance personnel; And lifetime maintenance.

2. Our company actively helps repair equipment damage caused by human factors during use by users; During the warranty period,We will strictly adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts for complaints about customer quality issues, assign dedicated personnel to be responsible until the end, and provide satisfactory answers to customers as soon as possible.

3. Year-round supply of original factory price spare parts;

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