MIC3+ MIC4+ MIC5+ Motortech Ignition Controller

■ Triggered by max. 2 pickups

■ 250 V DC max. primary voltage

■ 300 mJ max. primary energy

(500 mJ boost for start phase)

■ 100 to 800 μsec max. programmable spark duration

■ MOST – MOTORTECH Output Stage Technology

■ Available as Light Duty (LD) housing version

■ Protection class IP54

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Product Details

MIC3+  Motortech Ignition controller

With 300 mJ primary energy, the MIC3+ series provides a reliable combustion on gas engines with up to 12 cylinders even with weakest or fluctuating caloric values of the gas. Next to high variable ignition energy an accurate spark timing and diversified online diagnostics help to improve engine efficiency, spark plug life and availability of the equipment under the strictest emission regulations.



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