1500kW Diesel Generator Set by Perkins Engine

1500KW diesel generator sets are designed on the basis of over one hundred history of western generating set manufacturing, in strictly accordance with ISO regulations to produce.It adopts advanced high-performance engines, generators, imported constant pressure & microcomputer control system to make our products and use high water-proof processed technology to occupy the domestic and foreign markets.

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    With steady voltage, small waveform distortion, and notable transient performance, 1500KW Diesel Generator Set is broadly used in these fields: military, aerosphere, telecommunication, records centre, industrial and mining enterprise, actual estate, hotels, schools, hospitals, geological exploration, rescue and relieve work etc. This electricity grant machine is the best and first desire for all walks of life.

    1500kW diesel engine generator devices in strictly accordance with ISO insurance policies to produce.It adopts highest quality high-performance engines, generators, imported constant stress & microcomputer control laptop to occupy the domestic and foreign places markets.

     Brushless three-phase AC synchronous generator adopts superior special winding craft and VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnating) science to use into stator insulating and rotor windings. All insulation can higher reach H class. These radically elevated the insulation degree between the wire turns and phases, meanwhile, they additionally lengthen the carrier lifestyles of Gen-set and properly assurance the utilization reliability.

 1500kW Diesel Generator Set by Perkins Engine

Main Technical Parameters:

Engine Manufacturer


Alternator Manufacturer


Prime Power


Power Factor

0.8 (lag)

Rated Frequency


Rated Voltage


Rated Current


Operation Mode


Start method


Remote Control

Can supply super remote service

Protection System

Protection Function (water temperature, oil pressure, speed, battery capacity)


Microcomputer LCD

Phases and Lines

Three-phase four-wire

Executive standard

GB/T 2820.5-2009

International Standard

ISO 8528:5-2013

National mandatory discharge standards

National II

Environmental conditions

Humidity:≤90%, Temperature:15℃ - 45℃, Altitude: ≤1000meters

The technical performance and mounting dimensions are basis on standards under the International Electro-technical Commission and People’s Republic of China GB/T2820.5- 2009Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine-driven Three-phase Synchronous Generator General Technical Conditions

After Sale Service

1. Professional engineers supply pre-sales technical session for users
2. Cooperate with customers to deploy and debug the generator set
3. Maintenance engineers are on hand to furnish technical help at any time

After Sale Service

Packing And Delivery

Professional custom-made timber boxes, export wood boxes, moisture-proof and waterproof, can successfully remedy long-distance sea transportation, maximizing the safety of merchandise from exterior environmental influences in the course of long-term sea transportation, and heading off product rust.

Packing And Delivery

Production line

Production line



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