2500kVA Diesel Engine Generator

Dual diesel engine sketch is primarily based on CSI HFO properly run 4 stroke low velocity engines;

Provide identical output whether or not going for walks on Dual gas or Diesel/HFO;

Switchover from Dual Fuel mode to Diesel/HFO easily in engine operating;

Low NOx Emission;

High strain fuel injection for each cylinder;

Precise fuel injection timing, dependable and protection operation;

80% Diesel/HFO transformed through NG, about 60% Fuel price saving

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Dual fuel engine layout is principally primarily based on CSI HFO desirable run four stroke low speed engines;
Provide equal output whether or not or now not going for walks on Dual gasoline or Diesel/HFO;
Switchover from Dual Fuel mode to Diesel/HFO without difficulty in engine operating;
Low NOx Emission;
High stress gasoline injection for every cylinder;
Precise gasoline injection timing, reliable and safety operation;

2500kVA Diesel Engine  Generator

Dual Fuel Engine Parameter

Engine Type:

CSI 6/8 cyl. Inline, Turbocharged, After cooled, Diesel 

ignition, Medium speed. ™

Cylinder Bore:

300/320mm ™


380mm ™


1.0~2.5 MW in Diesel ; 1.0~2.5MW in DF™

Gas supply pressure:


suggestion not less than 2 bar abs. ™


Conversion ratio

70~80% Gas, 20~30%Diesel fuel (limited by available gas pressure.) ™

Gas supply methode

 Pilot injection for every cylinder ™

Clean Emission:

NOx reduce 65%

System Configuration

Diesel/Dual Fuel-Controller

DC 901-03 ™

Driver Module for Gas Admission Valves

MVC 30-B ™


Heinzmann E16 ™

Gas admission valves

MEGASOL 200/400 ™

Knock Control system


Load measuring unit

LMG 11-01 ™

Digital Governor Panel


Exhaust temperature measuring system

WAGO with thermocouples + CAN ™

Power Supply

24 V, 2x20 A

 Benefit of Dual Fuel Operation Generator in HFO Mode:

LHV of HFO about: 10200 kcal/kg

Fuel comsumption in full load: 215g/kwh, 1kg HFO=4.65kwh Turbochargered single Gas generator operation(in market): Heating Value of the Natural gas about 9200kcal/Nm³ Gas comsumption in full load: 0.3Nm³/kWh, 1Nm³ gas=3.3kWh 1.0MW generator operating in dual fuel mode: Fuel/gas comsumption ratio: 70~80% gas, 20~30% diesel.

HFO price in market: 0.74USD/kg

HFO Power fee: 0.16 USD/kWh Natural gas price in market: 0.35USD/Nm³

Gas Power fee: 0.10 USD/kWh Dual-fuel operation: 0.16x25%+ 0.10 x75%= 0.11 USD/kWh

Dual-fuel operation generating cost is half as the engine operating in HFO Generator can operate in single HFO mode, it give much reliable in power supply even if the shortage of the natural gas suppling.

Emission of Dual Fuel The emission of dual fuel engine is better than diesel engine: 1. NOx reduce 65% than diesel engine 2. CO reduce 54% than diesel engine 3. CO2 reduce 31% than diesel engine 4. CHx reduce 58% than diesel engine

After-sale Service

After-sale Service



1) gas generator would be covered with plywood boxes ;
2) Control panel, batteries, electric cables are packed with plywood boxes or cartons;
3) Exhaust pipes, engine mufflers are put in the container without packing.

Packing&DeliveryProduction line

1、Advanced generator manufacturing and meeting equipment
2、High precision machining of 5C parts
3、International cooperation in expert components
4、Precision ultimate assembly
5、Advanced experimental techniques

Production line


Actively participating in the Nigerian exhibition and showcasing our best-selling gas generator sets


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