4000kw Natural Gas Engine Generator

· Powerful low pressure gas SPI (single point Injection) system used for various supercharger premixed engine.

· Suitable for differnt concentration methane and propane, variety of quality gas.

· Precise airfuel ratio rarefied combustion control and Generator speed/load control

· Realize lean burn, reduce the intake pipe tempering and improved efficient to reduce the heat load.

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Technical  specifications  of  gas generator set

32/40 gas engine owns many characteristics,such as high-power density,high-efficiency,light weight,compact structure, long overhaul period,low O&M cost. Adopting preheating chamber structure, spark plug ignition method, it is well equipped with stable ignition and high performance. JICHAI uses integrated SaCoSone control system with engine control, alarm, monitoring&testing,safety protection functions etc.

9.1 PLC centralized control panel:

Local PLC centralized control panel is set in the container to control radiator, ventilation and power distribution of the container. Moreover, PCL centralized control panel can collect, display and store the operating parameters and status of the engine thermal parameters, generator electrical parameters, unit auxiliary equipment, etc.

The air switches, relays, thermal relay protectors, buttons, indicator lights, and terminals in the centralized control cabinet are selected from domestic and foreign first-line brand products.

9.2 Background monitoring unit:

Main configuration and functions of background monitoring: it is composed of monitoring computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer, communication equipment and uninterruptible power supply UPS. It provides a full-station computer monitoring system for the operation, operation and protection of the entire power plant. Engines, generators, cooling systems, machine room ventilation fans, gas fire alarm devices and other systems realize real-time digital monitoring and control operations, historical data storage, query, printing, and abnormal alarms.

The operation platform of the background monitoring system is placed in the user monitoring duty room, which is convenient for monitoring the operation of the unit. The monitoring interface can realize bilingual switching between Russian and English. The liquid crystal display, industrial control computer, and the industrial control computer and liquid crystal display are all installed in domestic or international well-known brands, such as Siemens, Heli, Advantech, Advantech, etc. The industrial computer is equipped with CPU no less than i5, 1TG hard disk, 4G memory, and is equipped with keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.

The background monitoring system collects the operating data and status of the units and auxiliary equipment in the centralized control cabinet of each unit in each machine room through network communication. The Ethernet communication interface is reserved for remote transmission of power plant local data to the GPP DCS system.

The background monitoring system supports the ability of simultaneous monitoring of generator sets and their auxiliary equipment, and can record and store the collected data, and store and record historical data of not less than 2 years, and the historical data supports the functions of querying, printing, and exporting by time.

The background monitoring system is configured with an AC UPS system. When the normal AC power supply is interrupted, the UPS will supply power to the background monitoring power supply that requires continuous power supply. The UPS shall continue to supply the rated capacity for not less than 60 minutes, which requires reliable quality.

Monitor each GE to collect thermal and electrical parameters, and distinguish them by numbers, curves, histograms, and different colors to form a friendly human-machine interface.

9.3 Genset abnormal alarm: 

When the important operating parameters of the generator set exceed the safe operating limits, the system will automatically send out sound and light alarm prompts, and automatically mute the sound after the fault is removed. At the same time, it supports manual mute function. The content of the alarm uses color change, pop-up, sound, flashing lights, etc. to remind the staff on duty.


Genset Model


Panel model


Rated power


Rated frequency


Rated power factor


Wiring mood


Overall dimension


Net weight


Engine model

16V 26/32


Four strokes,water cooling,turbocharged intercooling,pre-burning zone,multi-point injection,conpression ratio control.





Single cylinder displacement


Rated speed


Rated power


Gas pressure


Gas consumption


Oil consumption


Exhaust tem.(before turbine)


Heat efficiency


NOx emission


Type of cooling

water cooling opentype-cooling tower/closed type-horizontal radiator

Starting mood

Air starting

Crankshaft rotation

Counter-clockwise(facing to flywheel)

4000kw Natural Gas Engine Generator

After Sale Service

1.Efficient meticulous technical services

2.Adequate spare parts

3.Round-the-clock after sale service

After Sale Service




1) Genset would be covered with plywood boxes ;
2) Control panel, batteries, electric cables are packed with plywood boxes or cartons;
3) Exhaust pipes, engine mufflers are put in the container without packing.

We usually adopt shipping by bulk cargo, container,  packing Standard export packing, or customized packing as your request. We will arrange the most cost-effective transportation mode according to the quantity of products. All products have gone through strict inspection and are in good condition before shipment. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction on every sale we close.

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