600kW Natural Gas Engine Generator

The 600KW herbal gasoline engine generator adopts worldwide superior manipulate device and technology. The dynamic property, low cost effectivity and reliability are occupying superior level.
JCHN is a multinational expert in the design,manufacture, engineering, installation,maintenance and operation of interior combustion engine primarily based diesel & all sorts of flamable gasoline strength plants. Applications consist of blended warmness and strength (CHP) with herbal gas, biogas, landfill gasoline and coal fuel or excessive effectivity diesel-fuelled energy generation.

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The 600KW natural gas engine generator adopts international gold standard manipulate system and technology. The dynamic property, low value effectivity and reliability are occupying ideal level.The natural gas generator adopts worldwide superior manage machine and technology. The dynamic property, low in cost effectivity and reliability are occupying superior level.

The Natural Gas Generator adopts worldwide superior manage machine and technology. The dynamic property, low in cost effectivity and reliability are occupying superior level.


600kW Natural Gas Engine Generator

Main Specification of 600kw Natural Gas Generator Sets

Model Type


Gas Engine Model


Rated power



Siemens Series

Rated voltage

400 V

Starting method

24V DC electric start

Rated speed


Coupling method

Elastic coupling

Rated frequency


Voltage regulation


Rated current


Cooling Mode

Close type water cool

Power factor

0.8 Lagging

Heat Consumption

£ 10500kJ/kWh

Control mode

Electric control

Dimension (mm)


Net Weight (kg)


Specification of main system

Specification of most important system

Engine type:

Four stroke, water cooled, turbocharger and inter-cooler, A/F controller, Spark Ignition, digital control, outer mixing, Combine /Mix earlier than Turbocharger, etc.

Air-gas combine system:

This machine makes air-gas blended as per required ratio by means of mixer and enter into cylinder. The pump-film vacuum kind mixer ought to hold air-gas ratio secure at some point of generator set running beneath modified operation condition.

Cooling system:

Equipping vertical fan water tank. Fan is pushed via coupler. Vertical fan water tank is assembled on a frequent chassis.

Lubrication oil system:

The lubricating technique is strain and splash lubrication. This gadget consists of foremost oil pump, pre-oil feed pump, oil filter, centrifuge filter, control, regulating valve and oil pipe. Pre-oil feed pump is furnished to make sure force phase lubricating earlier than start.

Air consumption and exhaust system

Air consumption and exhaust machine includes: wilderness air filter, pipes. To enhance consumption air density and output power.

Starting system

600kW fuel turbines outfitted with compressed air beginning gadget or electrical beginning system.

Ignition system

Ignition machine consists of digital ignition, excessive stress wire and spark plug, and all of them belong to well-known world make products(Motortech from Germany).

Features of 600kW Natural gas generator Sets

600GF-T herbal fuel generator set adopts Siemens science alternator, manipulate panel of SIVAC primarily based on GB2820-1997.JB/T 9583.1-1999 and IEC439, executing ISO9001 Quality system.

After Sale Service

1、Pre-sales technical consultation

2、Technical services during sales, debugging and installation

3、After-sales service within 24/7 hours

After Sale Service


Professional customized wooden boxes, export wooden boxes, moisture-proof and waterproof, can effectively solve long-distance sea transportation, maximizing the protection of products from external environmental influences during long-term sea transportation, and avoiding product rust.


Production line

Advanced generator production and assembly equipment

High precision machining of 5C parts

International cooperation in professional components

Precision final assembly

Advanced experimental methods

Production line


Actively participating in the Nigerian China Commodity Exhibition is an important way for our company to develop the African market and a good platform for economic and trade cooperation and exchanges between China and Africa


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