2MW CNG Power Plant

Jichai Brand Generator is designed and manufactured to be high quality, long usage life, easy operation, low maintenance cost, high intelligence with low engine speed, low fuel consumption, low gas quality requirement, tough environmental adaptability, high stability and low fluctuation. The generator is desirable for industrial power solution.

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1.2000kW natural gas generator set overview                   
2000GF10-T(2000kW) natural gas generating set are powered by model L20V190ZLT-1 gas engine produced by our company. Complying with National Standard "GB2820 General Specification for Industrial Frequency Diesel Generating Sets(eqv ISO 8528)" and with reference to "IEC34-I" rotary generator standard, the sets are equipped with high quality alternator of both home & abroad and self-made control panel according to customers requirement.Engine Design
This natural gas generator adopts -L20V190ZLT-1 engine, which is one sort of highly intelligent, low heat consumption, high reliability, low emission, long lifetime 20V gas engine. L20V190ZLT-1 electrical control and external mix engine owns speed 1000r/min, single unit power 2200kW.
L20V190ZLT-1 natural gas engine is adopted advanced governor of American WOODWARD Company. It is the engine that mixes air and fuel before turbocharger. The power performance, fuel economy and reliability of the gas engine reach world advanced level by adopting world advanced outer mixing mode, electronic control technology and lean-burnt strategy.
This genset have the features of accurate voltage regulating, good dynamic performance, less voltage waveform distortion, high efficiency, compact structure, easy to maintain, low speed, reliable and long-life operation and cost-effective.With large power reverse, the engine can be used to assemble 2000kW natural gas generator set and equipped machinery. It owns 40.4% generation efficiency, low maintenance cost and yearly 8000 running hours.
Jichai Brand generating set is designed and manufactured to be high quality, long usage life, easy operation, low maintenance cost, high intelligence with low engine speed, low fuel consumption, low gas quality requirement, tough environmental adoptability, high stability and low fluctuation. The generating set is desirable for industrial power solution. The genset can either transfer electricity directly to load or be combined in a power station with two or more than two sets. They can be used as normal and stand-by power in oil field, factory, resource development base, etc.

2.Technical specifications of 20V190 gas generator set         

Model of genset


Model of engine


Model of alternator

1FC6 series

Connecting method

Flexible connecting

Rated speed (r/min)


Rated power (kW/kVA)


Rated voltage (V)


Rated frequency (Hz)


Rated power factor


Voltage regulation


Supply mode

3-phase, 3-wire


Electrical controller (WOODWARD)

Control model

Remote electric control, Hand control


Turbocharged-After cooled

Speed Control

Electronic Speed governing

Starting method

24V DC motor

Cooling method

Water cooling

Genset efficiency


Connection model

Elastic coupling

Stabilized voltage regulation


Voltage fluctuation


Instantaneous voltage regulation


Voltage recovery time


Stabilized frequency regulation

0~5%(Adjustable )

Frequency fluctuation


Instantaneous frequency regulation


Frequency recovery time

7 s

Overall dimension


Net weight (kg)


2.1  Main technical specifications of gas generator set

2.2  Main technical specifications of engine 

Model of engine


Rated power(kW)


Rated speed (r/min)


No. of cylinder and layout

20-cylinder, 60°V type


Four-stroke, water cooled, turbocharged and after-cooled, pre-mixed

Type of combustion

Lean burn

Gas pressure(bar)


Special fuel consumption(kJ/kW.h)


Specific oil consumption (g/kW.h)


Type of lub-oil

KCN 7805 (sulfur content<=200mg/m3)
KCN 7810 (sulfur content <=460mg/m3)

Idle speed (r/min)


Bore (mm)


Stroke (mm)


Total displacement (L)


Exhaust temperature (ºC)


Direction of rotation

Counter-clockwise(facing to flywheel)

Lubrication method

Pressure and splash lubrication

Overhauling (h)


Starting method

Air motor starting

Oil consumption


Level of noise on rated power

105 dB(A)

*Rating and fuel consumption based on ISO Standard conditions (Ambient temperature at 25 degree Centigrade, Atmospheric pressure at 100kPa and Relative humidity at 30%). Site rating and fuel consumption should amend according to relative standard (The table at right side for reference )
2.3.Main technical specifications of alternator


1FC6 series

Rated power (kW/kVA)


Rated voltage (V)


Rated currency


Rated frequency (Hz)


Power factor

0.8 (lagging)

Excitation model


Wiring method

3-wire, 3-phase

Number of pole


Rated speed

1000 r/min

Connection method


Insulation grade




Insulation class

Class F

Protection class



Fan cooling

Ventilation method


Excitation mode


Bearing type, No.

Rolling bearing, 2 Pcs

Main performance index

Stable voltage regulating rate

Single running: ±1%
Parallel running: ±2.5%

Instantaneous voltage regulating rate

-15%~+20% UN

Over load

1 hour operation time at 110% rated power (6 hours as a cycle)

Over current multiple

1.5IN, 2 minutes

Ability of maintain short-circuit current

The excitation system can provide continuous current of three times of rated current, duration 5s, the alternator must be unloaded.

2MW CNG Power Plant

3. Required conditions by natural gas generator set              
3.1 Requirements for fuel gas
In order to ensure its reliable and stable operation of the generator set,
 the requirements for the natural gas quality is as follows:
--Natural gas should be dehydrated without any water, crude oil & clean oil
--Natural gas pressure 100~400kPa;
--Natural gas temperature -20~40ºC;
--Total sulfur content less than 200mg/m3
Note: Gas volume is under standard condition with 100kPa atmosphere, 20ºCambient temperature,30% relative moisture.
3.2  Requirements for cooling water
Soften water is required by high temp and low temp engine circulation system. Cooling water should be lightly alkaline clean water without any corrosive compound, such as chloride,sulfate or acid etc. The main index requirements are as follows:



Chloride ion content


PH value


3.3  Requirements for lubricant
Engine is equipped with complete lubrication system, with oil consumption≤0.3g/kW·h. Lubricant model: Mobil Pegasus 705 or 15W40CD.
3.4  Requirements for environment
gas generator set can run steadily, reliably, continuously under following condition: ambient temperature between -40ºC~+40ºC,relative moisture<90%,sea level elevation≤2000m. The generator can output rated power under standard environmental conditions:atmosphere pressure 100kPa, ambient temperature25ºC, air relative moisture 30%.

4. Characteristics of Control system                                    

4.1  American WOODWARD E6 control system
The E6 control system consists of hardware and software, including LECM controller,TecJet valve,ProAct valve,oxygen sensor and various other sensors. Software is a program installed in a computer that is connected to the hardware by a data wire. The operator controls the action of the hardware by operating the computer and sending instructions to the hardware.
4.2 Advantages of E6 control system:
E6 control system has perfect uniformity.Previous control systems include air-fuel ratio control system,speed regulation system,instrument monitoring system,ignition system and knock control system,etc. There are many kinds and poor uniformity. E6 control system integrates various independent control modules to realize various functions.
LECM controller is the control unit in E6 control system, which adopts the design method combining modularization and integration.
Modularization: LECM controller consists of three modules: main control module,EID module and auxiliary module. Each module has its own CPU and memory.
Integration: LECM controller can be used by two or three integration between the three modules. After integration, each module can share sensors such as speed and phase, and the data can be Shared through internal bus interconnection.

5. Characteristics of Control panel                                            
5.1 local control panel
Main functions of local control panel: The main configuration of local control screen includes: 15-inch touch screen (HMI), button, switch, indicator light, generator management module, network switch, etc.
HMI is mainly responsible for collecting and displaying the parameters of E6 control system,monitoring instrument,unit management module and generator excitation system. Starting,closing,loading and unloading of the unit can be controlled by HMI. Alternator management module can automatically check the synchronization, meet the requirements of grid-connected control, and can dynamically display the operation of the unit, with the measurement and protection of various electrical parameters of the unit, operation parameter query, alarm information query, historical data query and other functions, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the generator set.
The local
 control panel is equipped with imported (COMAP, Heinz or Denver) automatic paralleling /grid module and paralleling/grid selective button, which is easy for users to adjust the power supply flexibly. If the paralleling function is selected, five sets may realize the automatic paralleling and automatic load sharing; if parallel function is selected, the automatic paralleling of single unit and the setting of system power can be realized. The automatic module is equipped with the LED display, with Chinese operation interface. The running status of whole system may be displayed realtime, with the functions of measurement and protection for various electrical parameters of unit and varies of running parameters, alarming information and historical data to ensure the safety and reliable running of generator set. The module has telecommunication interface.

The revolving speed and voltage of genset can be adjusted automatically by electronic speed control system and excitation system, and can also adjust the RPM potentiometers and voltage knob. The control panel is equipped with a float charging device, which can utilize the self-generation of the generator set to charge the battery that supplies power to the control panel.

The control panel may monitor the following parameters:

Three-phase AC voltmeter

1. ON instruction

1. Three-phase output ammeter

1. OFF instruction

1. Frequency meter

1. High temperature alarming

1. Output active power meter

1. Low pressure alarming

1. Power factor meter

1. High oil temperature alarming

1. Cell voltage

1. Overspeed alarming

1. Speed micro-adjusting button

1. Voltage micro-adjusting button

2MW CNG Power Plant

5.2 Local PLC and background monitor & control system (Optional)
Remote control console is consisted by 15 "touch screen (HMI) ,it has the same function as the local control panel. The remote control panel communicates with the local panel through RJ45, and RS485 communication interface is reserved for the user.

5.2.1 PLC centralized control panel:
Local PLC centralized control panel is set in the container to control radiator, ventilation and power distribution of the container. Moreover, PCL centralized control panel can collect, display and store the operating parameters and status of the engine thermal parameters, generator electrical parameters, unit auxiliary equipment, etc.
The air switches, relays, thermal relay protectors, buttons, indicator lights, and terminals in the centralized control cabinet are selected from domestic and foreign first-line brand products.

5.2.2 Background monitoring unit:
Main configuration and functions of background monitoring: it is composed of monitoring computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer, communication equipment and uninterruptible power supply UPS. It provides a full-station computer monitoring system for the operation, operation and protection of the entire power plant. Engines, generators, cooling systems, machine room ventilation fans, gas fire alarm devices and other systems realize real-time digital monitoring and control operations, historical data storage, query, printing, and abnormal alarms.
The operation platform of the background monitoring system is placed in the user monitoring duty room, which is convenient for monitoring the operation of the unit. The monitoring interface can realize bilingual switching between Russian and English. The liquid crystal display, industrial control computer, and the industrial control computer and liquid crystal display are all installed in domestic or international well-known brands, such as Siemens, Heli, Advantech, Advantech, etc. The industrial computer is equipped with CPU no less than i5, 1TG hard disk, 4G memory, and is equipped with keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.
The background monitoring system collects the operating data and status of the units and auxiliary equipment in the centralized control cabinet of each unit in each machine room through network communication. The Ethernet communication interface is reserved for remote transmission of power plant local data to the GPP DCS system.
The background monitoring system supports the ability of simultaneous monitoring of generator sets and their auxiliary equipment, and can record and store the collected data, and store and record historical data of not less than 2 years, and the historical data supports the functions of querying, printing, and exporting by time.
The background monitoring system is configured with an AC UPS system. When the normal AC power supply is interrupted, the UPS will supply power to the background monitoring power supply that requires continuous power supply. The UPS shall continue to supply the rated capacity for not less than 60 minutes, which requires reliable quality.
Monitor each GE to collect thermal and electrical parameters, and distinguish them by numbers, curves, histograms, and different colors to form a friendly human-machine interface.

5.2.3 Genset abnormal alarm:
When the important operating parameters of the generator set exceed the safe operating limits, the system will automatically send out sound and light alarm prompts, and automatically mute the sound after the fault is removed. At the same time, it supports manual mute function. The content of the alarm uses color change, pop-up, sound, flashing lights, etc. to remind the staff on duty.

6. Characteristics of Cooling System                                 

2000kW Gas generator set adopts closed circulation flat bed radiator. This radiator owns low consumption and high efficiency characteristics. Shown as the above picture, this flat bed radiator is equipped with 10 fans and independent motors and consists of control system, motor driving device, electric fan, radiator and base. This control system owns air blower automatic start and stop function.
Reference Flow Diagram of Cooling System  

Generator set is equipped with a set of horizontal radiators which are used for cooling of high temperature system (cylinder liner and primary inter-cooling of the inter-cooler) and low temperature system(secondary inter-cooling of the inter-cooler and lubricating oil cooler) of the engine.
The cooling water pipeline between the horizontal radiator and the GE is produced and installed on site, and each GE is equipped with a high-temperature water temperature control valve at the factory to meet the high-temperature water cooling temperature requirements.
The horizontal radiator is equipped with a terminal box. The complete wiring of the cable from the terminal box to the cooling fan, temperature sensor and expansion water tank liquid level sensor is complete.

If you having cooling tower in your project as above,there is no needed for horizontal radiator.

7. Characteristics of Lubrication system                          Ensure reasonable and low oil consumption.The lubricating method is pressure and splash lubrication, the pressure in the main oil pipe is 500 to 800 KPa. The oil pump is outer type which is convenient to maintenance and the manual oil pump and electric pre-oiling pump is also equipped. Oil cooler and oil pressure low alarm and shutdown equipment is installed to protect the operation of genset. 
With a automatic recharging oil device to realize manual/automatic switch.
The oil pump is installed on the oil inlet of the oil pan of each set. Electric control is used for the pump. There is an oil level gauge on the oil pan of each set. It outputs a switching value signal respectively when oil level of the oil pan is low or high. When control system monitors low oil level, oil supply pump will automatically run and fill oil to the oil pan; when control system monitors high oil level, it can stop filling oil automatically. If the oil pump is not closed, it gives alarm prompt and starts oil returning pump. Meanwhile, when oil level of oil storage tank is lower than set value, it gives sound and light alarm signal to warn the user to fill oil to oil storage tank.
7.1 Reference Flow Diagram of Lubrication system

7.2 Lubricating tank(optional):
Fresh oil tank 10 m3;
Used oil tank 10 m3;
The oil tank can realize manual filling oil. In addition, electric filling oil joint is reserved;
The oil tank is requested to send oil level alarm signal;
It can display oil level in normal condition;
Make sure to consider oil discharge and cleaning of oil tank during design.
Oil charging pipe: It provides all pipelines from lubricating can to oil pan of the unit.
Oil pump: Every unit is equipped with two oil pumps. One set is gasoline pump and the other set is oil returning pump.
7.3 Control box:
PLC controller is assembled in the control box. Thus, it can realize logical relation between refueling and oil expulsion accurately and realize manual/automatic refueling; it has the function of oil level alarm (including oil pan and lubricating can).

8.Characteristics&Specification of Air Starting System            
8.1 Air motor installed at genset Body, it is safe and reliable.
8.2 Reference Flow Diagram of Air Starting system

8.3 Air Starting Auxiliary Equipment assembled into a skid and supplied in one piece.

Equipment Name


Air compressor


Air tank

WY-0.6/3.0, 0.6m3,3.0MPa,With automatic drain valve

Re-Pressure valve

YHYP-25/30,DN25 PN40
Set outlet pressure 0.8MPA.

Outlet filter

SY-41C-25/40,DN40 PN25,100 mesh

Stainless steel hose

S40,10m,2.5MPa,DN40 Flange connect

Manual ball valve


Skid car base

steel welding plus moving wheels



8.4 Description of other Characteristics:
8.4.1 Pressure reducing valve outlet pressure 0.8MPA.
8.4.2 The working pressure of the Stainless steel is 2.5 MPa, and it is equipped with flanges, gaskets, bolts, etc.
8.4.3 Each time the air motor starts, the air consumption is about 400L.0.8MPa,
8.4.4 Before starting, a compressed air source of pressure of 800~1000kPa must be stored.
8.4.5 Each continuous start shall not exceed 15 seconds. After a start fails, start again after an interval of 1 minute.
8.4.6 If it fails to start after three consecutive starts, find out the cause, and start again after troubleshooting.

9. Characteristics of Inlet & exhaust system                     
9.1 Fuel gas 100~ 400KPa were sent to the use of each genset, each genset has a set of filter pressure regulator, pressure regulation to 7 ~ 9KPa for engine use.
9.2 Stable and efficient gas input system to ensure power generation be more effective. Gas input system adopts high-efficient air filter, high-flow turbocharger, round-pipe inter-cooler. The heat emission efficiency of round-pipe inter-cooler radiator is 20% higher than ordinary inter-cooler, which can satisfy cooling requirements of air flow.
9.3 Exhaust: outdoor exhaust, engine has exhaust pipe and muffler.Effective exhaust system protection to avoid heat radiation and hidden danger.  Due to high exhaust temperature, special heat insulation layer is applied on exhaust main pipe and turbocharger surface. Expansion piece is installed on exhaust outlet to reduce fault rate and prevent releasing heat out of generator house. 

10. Mute container (Optional)    

2MW CNG Power Plant      

10.1  The container is divided into two parts: GE room and electrical control room. The skeleton base is welded by high-strength channel steel and I-beam, and the top cover and wall panels are made by folding 2mm tile-shaped steel plates.
10.2  Corresponding monitoring equipment such as combustible gas leakage alarm, flame alarm and smoke alarm are equipped in the GE room to meet the requirements of protection equipment. When gas leakage, fire alarm and other situations occur, passive switch alarm signals can be output separately. The container is equipped with 5 sets of explosion-proof LED lights with emergency function (230VAC / 40W), 4 sets of air intake fan (400VAC / 4kW), and a wall-mounted air conditioner is set in the electrical control room. The container is equipped with 7 sets of 230VAC / 2.2kW electric heaters to ensure that the temperature in the machine room is not lower than 10ºC in winter. Electric louvers are installed in the inlet and exhaust vents of the mcontainer. It is controlled by the monitoring system and can be automatically shut down when the GE is not working, and automatically open when the GE is working.
10.3  The airtightness of the container meets the noise requirements of the national standard. 1 meter away from the GE container is less than or equal to 85 dB. The container needs to meet the normal operation and ventilation requirements of the unit even if the door is closed for a long time.
10.4  Install two guide rails and 0.5T hoist inside the GE room for maintenance and removal of cylinder head. The lifting point of the cylinder head is firm, and the upper end of the supercharger is equipped with a lifting ring.
10.5 The top of the container should be separable from the body for easy dis-assembly.
10.6 The cable threading hole is set at the bottom of the container, directly down from the generator outlet to the bottom of the container, and enter the cable trench outlet; the grounding point is set at no less than two places, and it is set at the diagonal position of the container. The ground wire must be installed; the high voltage is separated from the control wire to avoid signal interference, and all equipment in the container must be reliably connected to the container.
10.7  Configure maintenance ladders, roof guardrails and one set of foundation bolts.

11.Characteristics of CHP Unit (optional)             
In order to make full use of total thermal energy from combustible gas, customer requires CHP system on the basis of power generation use. This system consists of heat exchanger, liquid supply pump or hot liquid circulation pump, valves and insulation liquid pipe.
The above components form a circulation system, with liquid supply pump or hot liquid circulation pump as power source. It adopts heat exchanger and boiler with adding anti-freezer to produce hot water for production and daily use.

11.1 Heat recovery boilers waste heat of exhaust  
In order to make full use of the exhaust heat of the unit and improve the comprehensive utilization rate of gas, a waste heat recovery boiler is added to the exhaust system to recover the exhaust heat and generate hot water (70 to 90°C) or saturated steam (1MPa). The waste heat can be used for production or life Use heat.
11.2 Heat recovery boilers waste heat of hot water
Generator with a semi-open circulation cooling system, the internal circulating high-temperature water (cylinder jacket water) transfers heat to the external circulating high-temperature water through the heat exchanger. The external circulating high-temperature water pipe can be directly introduced into heating equipment such as heating, where the heat is exchange to increase the temperature in the fermenter.
This makes full use of the heat of the engine cooling water and improves the overall utilization rate.

12.Main Features                                                 

Engine Design
- Intellectual Property belong to Jichai
- Triaxiality Finite Element Analysis
- Longer Stroke, More displacemen
- Low Speed (1000RPM), More Reliable
- Advanced World Standard Performance
- Brushless Excitation
- Better Insulation and Protection
- Low Oil Pressure Auto Stop Protection
- Over Speed Auto Stop Protection
The Whole Equipment Supply
- Standard Scope of Supply
- Optional Equipment List
- Maintenance and Repair Tools
- Optional Spare Parts
- Meet the Requirement for All Accessories of Project
Easy Installation and Remove
- Skid Mounted Equipment

- Explosion Proof
- High Coolant Temperature Alarm
- High Oil Temperature Alarm
- Complete Electrical Protection
- Emergency Stop Device
- Strict Inspection and Factory Test for Each Engine and Gen-set.
- Start Performance Test
- Load Test
- Synchronization Test
- Safety System Test

- Simple Installation Work
- High Strength Skid, for Hoisting and Removing.
Technical Support & Services
- Technical Support and Training Service
- 24/7 Technical Service
- Rapid Spare Parts Supply
- After Sales Service for Generating Set Lifetime

 13. Standard Scope of Supply                                    

Gas engine
- Closed-loop electronic control
- Gas control valve
- Gas control system of electrical type
from American WOODWARD.
- Brushless excitation 
- 3 phases 3 lines
- Auto Voltage Regulation
Air inlet system 
- Air filter
- Air cooler
- Bracket
Exhaust system
- Exhaust gas turbocharger.
- Exhaust manifold
- Corrugated pipe
- Exhaust pipe (Optional)
- Exhaust elbow (Optional)
- Exhaust silencer (Optional)
Control system
- WOODWARD brand
- Control Panel
Gas supply system
- Gas filter
- Pressure regulating valve
- Solenoid valve

- Gas control valve
- Gas pressure gage
Lubricating System
- Main oil pump
- Pre-supplying oil pump
Oil filter
- Oil cooler
- Centrifugal filter
- Oil pipe and valve
Cooling System
- Water pump
- Intercooler
- Cooling pipe
- Heat exchanger
Starting System
- 24V DC starting motor 
- Instrument panel
- Auto shutdown device for over-speed
- Auto shutdown device for low oil pressure.
- Explosion-proof device
- Normal repair tools
- Special spare parts
- Technical document
- Commodity inspection
- Common base
- Color of engine- Jichai silver


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